Mork Work

Glen Dias and Marcos Andrade were born in Caracas, Venezuela.

They met at the high school where they studied Visual Communication. In classes they communicated through messages drawn in their notebooks. After a time working for post-production agencies, they saw the potential of these drawings and decided to return to that style of illustration. They pursue to make it their personal stamp. This was the necessary impulse to keep those characters from being orphaned.

This is how Mork Work was born, which means “Love for work”.

According to Glen, Marcos is the heart of the studio: “His passion is illustration and animation. He is very creative, messy and a dreamer, leaving drawings everywhere. He is happy only with a pencil and a paper. “According to Marcos, Glen is the engine: “She makes things happen. She is restless and addicted to orderliness. She is a natural born producer, excellent in public relations and what´s more, she is a designer, so she is always present during the creative process … what more could one ask for! “.

This makes Mork Work a balanced team, that supports and complements each other. This balance is reflected in their work, where they usually mix the classic with the underground and analogical with digital techniques. Their style is cheerful and sincere, with a constant touch of humor. They specialize in: illustration, packaging design, animation and graphic design.

Mork Work is a studio located in Altea, Spain, they like to present themselves as a “house of ideas”. In reality they are a couple of independent artists who have decided to follow what they love doing: fill empty spaces with shapes, colors and giving them life with funny characters.


They have many years of experience working with clients such as: McDonald’s, Victorinox, Disney, Samsung, Madrid City Council, ABC Madrid Museum, VIPS, Fontestad Oranges, Cambridge University, among others.

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