Miguel Ángel Camprubí

Miguel Ángel Camprubí is a young illustrator and animator from Úbeda. He studied design and illustration in Madrid. After doing various internships in this city, he left for Amsterdam to complete his professional training and expand his horizons.

He  did stints in several studios and companies such as Pepe Jeans, Boa Mistura or Binalogue but  he realized that he would never be happy developing the style of another person or brand.

He needed to express and develop his own world.

After a time working in the field of illustration he began to investigate with animation, to give life to his characters.

“Once you see your characters moving you do not want to see them lifeless anymore, animation adds a new dimension to illustration.”

Animation added a touch of complexity to Miguel Angel Camprubi’s simple style.

Over the years he has developed a unique world of characters full of humor and innocence. As if the human being was robbed of malice and even of its mischief. “I’ve been looking for a character that does not have color, race or a certain shape.

That is a general fit, that is the average of all bodies, like a generic human.

“Either with a few black strokes or with a whole palette of bright colors, the characters exude strength and ingenuity, attracting and holding one´s attention”

The game of positive forms and white negative spaces are also an important feature. Focus on the essential, the subject, and leave the rest undefined, (he does not like backgrounds).


Miguel Ángel Camprubí has ​​worked with a wide range of clients.

He works in editorial illustration on a regular basis with the newspapers El Mundo and El País. Also illustration adapted to spaces in a project with La Caixa and animation of Stickers for Google and Facebook.

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