Nacho Rojo

Nacho Rojo has born in Miranda del Ebro, an industrial city of the North of Spain. But for years now he has been an adoptee from Madrid. Since childhood he has an addiction problem with comics and now he has a problem of Diogenes.

Over time, he began to make his own comics and publish them in the Comictiva magazine of Bilbao. Then he decided to study Fine Arts and he specialized in design. He settled in Madrid and started working in an advertising agency as a creative. But he didn´t want to give up his personal work so he combined the illustration, the photography and lately the locution with his work in the agency, until today.

As an illustrator, his style is very versatile and it´s difficult to define it. He created cartoony style vector illustrations but also others with softer tones in which the geometric shapes take the lead. Nacho also create wonderful papercraft illustrations. He´s influenced by 70´s movies, underground comics, punk, pulp novels and other visual trash…


He has worked for clients from all over the world, from the United States to Russia, through England and South Korea for: Vodafone, Pepsi, Nike y Mercedes-Benz, Orange, Renfe, Warner-Bros, Bankinter, La Quiniela, Amnistía Internacional, El País, Pearson UK, Central Lechera Asturiana, Ford, Oreo, Mc Donald´s, Nike y Visionlab among others.

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