Offbeat Studio

Offbeat Studio is a creative studio based in Madrid. They specialize in 2D & 3D animation, stop motion and also illustration or graphic design projects.

Pablo and Checa, the two names that give life to this study, met in Salamanca, Spain, where both studied. After several years they met again in Madrid. They went through different advertising agencies and production companies until 2014 where they decided founded Offbeat Estudio.

Both share creative tasks, direction and animation. The art direction and much of the design or illustration of each project bear the signature of Checa. While the production, the relationship with the client and the  final edition are the main tasks of Pablo.

But Offbeat Studio is more than the two of them. According to the needs of each job, they get together the ideal team to carry it out. Different illustrators, animators, 3D artists or musicians are regular contributors to the study.

They mainly dedicate themselves to animation but they also are commissioned to work on filming projects that need a real image. In every new project they explore different techniques and styles wich is their biggest motivation.

In Offbeat Estudio they always try to contribute their creative vision, in addition to the execution. If the script is not finished, they offer more ideas (in fact, if it is finished, they also offer them): how to turn into images what is written, proposing narrative forms, styles, techniques, etc.

Among its clients are the Ministry of Development, Samsung or Pepe Jeans.

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