Offbeat Studio

Offbeat Studio has been in the world of animation for 10 years, improving their skills and knowledge to apply them to each new project. But talent without effort is useless, so they make everything, even the smallest stuff, with lots of love and hard work.

Offbeat knows each campaign and each client needs a unique approach. So art direction of each project is different to the last one. For them is essential to be versatile, adapt to every style.

Offbeat studio is specialized in 2D animation, but they add 3D in a lot of works. And they can be just illustrators, designers or animators. But what they like the most is to build a complete project from scratch, since they receive (or write) the script until the last magic touches, directing and supervising all the stages of the process.

Roche, Seat, Deutsche Bank, BBVA, Renault or Pepe Jeans are some of their clients.

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