JVG Studio

JVG™ is a Madrid based art direction and production studio focused on creative 3D/CGI.

They work for all kinds of international clients in advertising and editorial projects.

Founded by J. Vallejo, making bold and concept-based images is their beloved duty.

Both big and small clients rely on JVG when they want to boost their ideas.  

From still images to complex animations, always art-direction driven, they produce contemporary, eye catching pieces for every kind of media.


Formally established in 2016, in only two years JVG have worked for nearly a hundred clients including:

Nike, Coca-Cola, Google, Nespresso, Toyota, Pepsi, Audi, Fox or Virgin, media and artist like Fortune, The Times, Harry Potter, Major Lazer or Oprah and agencies like AKQA, Ogilvy, McCann, TBWA, Havas or M&CSaatchi.

Their work has been feature by reference publications and institutions like Adobe, Fubiz, Behance, Ads of the World, Creative Review, Forbes, Adweek or AIGA.

 JVG’s studio is establish in downtown Madrid, were they work with a young, fixed in-house team with professionals from different fields from publicists to architects. They  collaborate with other artists and studios from all over the world.

Besides their quality and originality, one of JVG’s hallmarks is their speed, delivering hi-end productions in record time .

This is possible thanks to their technical skills, powerful hardware and their in-house render farm. They are able to take care of productions that others can’t handle.

Either working from scratch or from a client’s sketch, for tiny social animations or complex TV ads, JVG always comes up with a fresh approach to the concept.

Always at blazing fast speeds with the hi-end level of quality agencies and brands demand nowadays.

Non stop evolving, testing and incorporating the latest techniques and solutions in CGI productions.

JVG is ready for all the present and future challenges that may arise in the advertising industry.

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