Carlos Arrojo

Carlos Arrojo was born in A Coruña, a city where he lives and works as a freelance illustrator. After studying Fine Arts he returns to focus on his vocation for drawing and begins to be interested in illustration.

With the line as his main weapon, he soon develops a very personal style.  He begins to work his way towards working for all types of clients in the publishing and advertising fields, both in Spain and internationally.

Several illustration awards, especially in the form of posters, contribute to boosting his career in the early years.

This A Coruña native plays with sinuous curves and geometry to bring dynamism and movement to his illustrations. They are often full of detail and color. In his first pieces the use of watercolor predominates. Little by little his work evolves towards the use of digital tools to gain agility and cleanliness in the forms. In this way he has developed a very recognizable universe which is at the same time versatile, with which he illustrates books, magazines, posters, calendars and bottles among many other mediums.

Traveling, electronic music and cinema are some of his passions outside of drawing. These other passions often inspire his work. Carlos Arrojo combines illustration with teaching through workshops and drawing courses in different centers.


Some of the clients with whom Carlos Arrojo has worked are, in the editorial field: Edebe, Siruela, Edelvives, Ediciones del Serbal, Alevosia Libros, Sushi Books, Lupo Editore (IT), Editions Payot & Rivages (FRA), El Ciervo, Educacion y Biblioteca, Estudios de la Juventud, Datum (AUS), Financial Management (UK), Stanford Business (US), PM Network (US), Monocle (UK), The Simple Things (UK); en the publicity field: Perrier, Abanca, Estrella Galicia, Cabreiroá, Nestlé, Casino Gran Madrid, La Pedriza, Sanbrandan, Zeleris, Turismo de Santiago de Compostela, Pazo da Cultura de Pontevedra, Ayuntamiento de La Coruña, Cidade da Cultura de Galicia, Concello de Nigran, La Marmota Repostrebar, entre otros.

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