by Aleix Gordo

About the project

Aleix Gordo made this mural project called Mercurio for reception of the new HQ building of Amazon in Madrid.

“The concept of this mural intervention spins around the idea of the roman god of Mercury. Mercury himself comes from the greek original god Hermes, the messenger of the gods, the god of commerce, intermediary of all sorts of human relationships and transactions. Searching among all the roman and greek symbology two main symbols arise with Mercury´s representation, the rooster and the ox.The whole mural intervention tries to put into value through a mix of different classical western civilization’s iconography that, I think, fits the overall values that their brand represents on a daily basis all over the planet. In order to reach a wider range of mutual language between cultures and civilization and to make the whole work be understood by different people around the world, I added some personal touches of asian subtle details of my own that are present throughout all my personal work”.

  • Illustration: Aleix Gordo
  • Creativity: Aleix Gordo
  • Client: Amazon
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