Aleix Gordo

Aleix Gordo Hostau is an artist based in Barcelona. He has a long history in drawing, creating art. Aleix started out working in the publishing industry. Later he has developed his professional career in different fields. Illustration, comics, contemporary muralism and pictorial works are several of the areas in which he has specialized over the years.

Aleix Gordo’s style is influenced by the world of comics. He also found influences from classics like Moebius or Otomo Katsuhiro. His work delves into the aesthetic syncretism of Eastern cultures such as Japan, China or Indonesia.


Having traveled all over the world, Aleix Gordo has exhibited his work in countries such as the Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil, Austria, Italy, India, Dubai, Japan and the United States. He has also done excellent commercial work for companies such as Pepe Jeans London, Vans, Nike, Clipper, Bycicle Cards, Montana Colors, Tiger Beer, Porsche, Seat, Intel or Amazon, among others.

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