Iván Castro

Ivan Castro was born in Sant Boi de Llobregat, on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​at the end of the 70s. From an early age shows an unusual interest in the forms of letters.

He was fascinated by the labels of the comics of Briguera. He learned to draw Gothic letters with the Manual de los Jóvenes Castores. Also  he dedicated himself to copy the S of Superman until it is perfect.

That obsession accompanies him during the rest of his life. Also  working several years as a graphic designer. For about ten years he has specialized in calligraphy and lettering.

His work is characterized by using manual and analog techniques to explore the expressive abilities of letter forms.

His knowledge of the history of writing and his accumulation of imagery related to popular culture are also reflected in his work.

In the same way, Ivan Castro is able to work in multiple graphic registers, in an analogue or digital way. He can adapts to the specific needs of each project.

From his studio, Ivan works doing calligraphy and lettering for logo design projects, editorial, covers of books or records, posters, advertising, textiles, signs and murals, or audiovisual collaborating with studios and agencies around the world.


This activity is combined with teaching in schools in Barcelona such as Elisava, BAU or Visions, and has a long career teaching lectures and workshops everywhere, in cities such as London, Mexico City, Los Angeles or Tokyo, to name a few.


The clients of Ivan Castro are from multinationals like:

Danone, Nescafe, Vodafone, Champions League, Inditex, RBA or Larousse to small clients such as independent record labels, small wineries or neighborhood stores.

Also important are his personal projects, which serve as an experimental laboratory.


Let’s not forget his facet as author, having published two lettering manuals like The ABC of Custom Lettering, Korero Press 2016, published in Spanish by Campgràfic, and Lettering a Tope, Larousse 2018.

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