Enisaurus (Santiago Usano Martínez), was born in 1985, in Valencia, Spain.
After finishing his Graphic Design studies at the School of Art and Superior Design, he founded, with two other friends, the illustration and graphic design studio called Voltio, in which he developed a special interest in illustration and all its possibilities.
Years later, after returning from his London adventure, where he developed projects in advertising agencies for major brands such as Google or Nickelodeon, already working independently under the pseudonym Enisaurus, he began to polish his style in search of his own voice, for which, his constant experimentation and non-conformity, were key.
Enisaurus is a digital artist, with a style based on geometry, always trying to simplify reality, highlighting it´s virtues to make it more interesting, and capturing it in an orderly and clean way, in his compositions and character designs.
Always interested in telling a story to connect more directly with the public, beyond leaving all the visual weight of the work in the aesthetic result, the foundations of the idea on which the project is built are something fundamental for him.
Like the ideation and conceptualization process, color treatment is something very important to Santi, contrasts and vibrant colors tend to be very present in all his work. The correct choice of the color palette can elevate the final result to another level.
Also, with several years of experience behind him, the animation is another of his strong points. In an increasingly digitized and fast world, the possibilities become much more infinite and attractive if the proposals can or should include animation. Capturing the attention and interest of users with a simple glance, becomes much more essential than ever.
One of the most interesting things about his work is its adaptive capacity, by playing with compositional possibilities, the use of frames and other resources, the elements that compose the work can be interchanged, moved or modified independently of each other and at the same time, they continue to be one same thing.
He has worked for big brands like Apple, Disney, Meta, Twitter, Movistar, Converse, Pepsi, Shake Shack, or Dropbox.
He has collaborated with large film production companies such as ReelFX, supporting the animation team for TV series produced by Netflix.
He also works for publishers such as Harvard Business Review, El País, or The Washington Post, among others.
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