Conspiracy Studio

Conspiracy Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio located in Barcelona that was founded by creative director Christian Beltri.

They have more than ten years of experience. We can assure you that it is worth keeping a close eye on their unorthodox portfolio, because if something defines their character, it is their restless curiosity.

 Conspiracy Studio has evolute from being an underground style studio. In its early days they designed skates, music CDs and flyers for discos.

Actually they are the studio of reference in Spain when it comes to very high level illustration and 3D. They work vector illustrations and manually, retouching in Photoshop and compositions in 3D-CGI, both static and animated.

Several art directors and illustrators, both, 2D and 3D-CGI work at the studio, directed by Christian Beltri.

Conspiracy Studio takes advantage of any gap in their agendas to carry out personal projects. This way they can practice new techniques that they can apply to their pieces commissioned by clients.

That’s why brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, Danone, Seat, Samsung, Martini and a long list of others have repeatedly requested that Conspiracy Studio does work for them.

Christian Beltri, in his spare time, enjoys strumming guitars and breaking many strings. He plays in a band whose name we have not been authorized to disclose as all the members play in disguise.

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