Rikić Type


About the project


Mónica Rikić is an artist who focuses her practice on creative coding and electronics, combining them with non-digital objects to create interactive projects, robotic installations and handcrafted electronic devices.
She commissioned us her graphic identity and an animated bespoke typography was developed to be the main asset of her visual system.
This moving display type takes gestures from circuit board leads, so most of its construction and angles are drawn at 45 degrees.

The typographic construction is modular and is built on a 7×11 grid. It is composed of 4 main weights that can be combined into 13 possible variations. In the same way Mónica’s creative practice is in continuous adaptation, the system allows typography to transition from one weight to another, reflecting again that continuous movement and adaptation.
The typeface animation is automated within a digital tool that generates the writing and combination of weights.
In Mónica’s website, the type weight changes randomly and interactively when the cursor goes over the characters . They mix up in a playful and experimental nature, just like her work, embedding her way of thinking into the texts of the system.


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