by Belen Segarra Murals

About the project

 MUVIM mural “LIBRES” made for 8M. 

“The work, supper, the laundry, children.

 Bellies swollen with more children inside. 

Empty bellies without children. 

Menstruate without looking dirty. 

Do not menstruate without looking incomplete. 

Measure manners, vocabulary, physique. 

Measure the height of the skirt so that it is not too short, but not too long either. 

Measure the cooking time of the rice. 

Sorry. Ask for forgiveness. 

Sorry many times for everything and for not wanting, being able or knowing how to cook damn rice. Explain what no means.

Explain what equal means.

Explain what I can mean. 

Repeat “clitoris” ten times in a row in front of the mirror and see that Satan does not appear. 

Hello, imposter, by the way.

Justify why you are alone, justify why you are accompanied. 

Put up with the compliments, the criticism, the fear, the mistakes, the exhaustive examination of everything we do. 

Demonstrate, demonstrate things all the time. 

Demonstrate them without overdoing it and without forgetting to measure again because everything has to be perfect. 

I’m exhausted, I can’t do it like that. 

It’s a good thing you came. 

It’s a good thing that “We are together. 

Thank goodness we love each other. Free. 

You are the strongest people I know. 

I love you.”

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