Cosmic flora

by Marta Zafra

About the project

Cosmic Flora is an illustration for the collaborative illustration exhibition “Plants with Bite” at the Royal Botanical Garden Sydney about the behavior of carnivorous plants.
Byblis liniflora, also known as the Rainbow Plant, is native to northern Australia. It is a very delicate annual carnivorous plant that produces sticky droplets to catch prey and flowers producing a pretty purple flower. With this plant as her starting point, Spanish illustrator Marta Zafra has imagined a scene of a biologist exploring a new planet, collecting samples of life and new plants to study. She is about to cut a flower from the Rainbow Plant, but it is sensitive to the movement and in defence is already wrapping itself around her while she’s hypnotised by the beauty of the colours and movement.

  • Illustration: Marta Zafra
  • Creativity: Marta Zafra
  • Collaboration: Royal Botanical Garden Sydney
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