March 31, 2021

Telepizza mural

Commissioned by DDB Tandem, Lawerta has created a mural for Telepizza for the Real Madrid-Atletico de Madrid Derby held on Sunday, March 7 in Madrid.

With the motto “We celebrate what unites us”, the idea has been to convey that football is above all respect, sportsmanship and unity, as opposed to the hatred and insults that are sometimes and unfortunately generated in football.

Throughout the week in which Lawerta, with the invaluable collaboration and help of Hattori, made the mural, passers-by and neighbors have been following the process with great expectation. And it is not surprising, considering that the facade is approx. 15m high x 5m wide and located between Calle Real Madrid and Atl├ętico de Madrid, the interest and curiosity for such an intervention have been guaranteed.

Do not miss it!






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