June 10, 2019

Master Card Champions League campaign by Carles Carabí

Fotografía grupo de aficionados Master Card champions League 2019, fotógrafo Carles Carabi

Madrid has been covered with Master Card´s images for the Champions League final. This campaign was photographed by Carles Carabí for the agencies Craft Spain and Craft UK.

The photographs were taken in a shoot day that was shared with the TV commercial shooting. We commissioned the postproduction to Eclipse and Rubén Tresherras. It was not an easy pre-production and shoot due to the large number of actors participating in it and the short time we had to take the images but finally Carles Carabí managed to capture the desired environment for Master Card. The campaign has two images: The first image starred children who were fulfilling their dream of becoming football Player Escorts (companions) and the second one was of the fan´s  football celebration party.

Thanks to our workmates from Craft, for their impeccable job and dedication.

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