Teresa Wonka

Teresa Medina under the name of Teresa Wonka is an artist, born in 1991 in a small town in Castilla la Mancha. At the age of 18, she went to Madrid to begin studying advertising, audiovisual communication and journalism at the prestigious European University.

Her interest in and love of art took her to the University of Cyprus, where she studied Graphic Design. It was precisely in this magnificent place that she decided that illustration and digital design were her passions.

Desiring to carry on living international experiences, Teresa went to AnhembiMorumbi University, in Sao Paolo (Brazil) and to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design (United States). Once she finished her university degree, she started to work in the fashion world, where Teresa has developed projects as art director and designer for major brands such as “El Corte Inglés“, among others.

Her achievements as an illustrator include the application of the digital brush technique in her projects. And she has created a particular style where the combination of the acid colors in her portraits stands out among the brush strokes. Uneven, vector less design that does not follow an exact order yet permits uniformity, where empty spaces are the protagonist from which touches of color escape.

Her designs are inspired by the snob society of the current era. Films, singers and characters with aesthetic strength draw her attention and inspire her in a world where luxury design is the order of the day.

The multi-faceted artist Teresa Wonka works freelance since 2015 for companies such as Tribeca Media, Sfera and BodaMás, creating campaigns and designing as well as photographing for El Club del Gourmet (El Corte Inglés). She is combines all this with branding, design, video and illustration projects for niche brands.


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