Sunshine is the 2D animation studio created by Maria Buitrago and Iván Carmona. They are two young people whose creative potential is still to be exploited, although in the few projects that they have carried out, one can already see the great artistic quality of their work.

María Buitrago is the director of animation projects based in Madrid. After studying 2D animation and graphic design, she founded, together with Iván Carmona Sunshine Animation, a 2D animation studio in which she carries out the management tasks. What she most enjoys about her job is the versatility, since being part of an independent studio allows her to work in different creative tasks and stages of production, such as storyboarding, character design, animation, layout supervision and editing.

The vision of Sunshine is to put its experience at the service of short projects of the highest possible quality, always done through the traditional 2D technique frame by frame.

The work for clients does not allow much margen for research due to tight deadlines, so she also directs personal projects that she carries out in order to continue learning and improving as an artist. These personal projects that she performs usually include an epic fantasy theme and are intended for an adult audience.

As for artistic references, María Buitrago especially likes the work of studios such as Sun Creature, Headless, or La Cachette. which are characterized by making projects that combine epic stories with a touch of humor.

María Buitrago has worked in advertising spots for clients such as Toyota, Lufthansa, Disney Channel or Movistar +, but her favorite projects are those in which she can have creative control from the beginning and be in charge of directing all stages and processes from preproduction to assembly .

Iván Carmona studied Fine Arts and Animation in Madrid. He founded the 2D animation studio Sunshine in 2014, where he directs the technical part of the projects that they carry out. He is responsible for the animation, effects and postproduction of the pieces, as well as managing communication with customers.

His style is strongly influenced by manga and Japanese anime. He is also a great admirer of animation studios such as Studio 4ºC and The line. Iván Carmona tries to bring to his work the loose and dynamic style of the so-called sakuga animation, so he is especially interested in the action scenes that allow him to experiment in that direction.

He dedicates part of his time to teaching, since he is a specialist in the use of the software toonboom hamony. Iván Carmona investigates how to apply software to perform all kinds of special effects and simulate complex camera movements in three dimensions. He often emphasizes that teaching allows him to keep up-to-date and to meet many students who later become colleagues.

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