Steffen Schraegle

Steffen Schraegle was born in 1973 and has been a professional photographer for over 20 years.

He specializes in advertising, automotive/CGI, architecture, landscape, and lifestyle/sports photography.  Steffen grew up in the Black Forest in Germany but has also lived in Ireland, Japan, and Spain.

He speaks German, Spanish, and English. He is currently living in both Spain and Germany with his American partner and their tri-lingual dog.

Steffen has traveled extensively for work (and pleasure) and enjoys learning from and collaborating with people from different cultures.

He has an incredible work ethic and strong organizational/planning skills to successfully achieve the desired images for clients.  But he also has the unique ability to work tirelessly while still smiling and laughing and appreciating life even in its most challenging moments.

Although he became an internationally sought auto photographer at an unusually early age (25), he continues his love of photography. Remains a strong curiosity about where the next picture will take him.

In 2009 Steffen Schraegle founded Third Floor Company a 3D/CGI production company specializing in high quality automotive projects.

 After many years of location shootings and studio productions as a photographer, Steffen is able to bring a realistic feeling into the 3D virtual world.

In addition, having a thorough understanding of the CGI process influences and enhances his photography work.


In 2017 Steffen Schraegle was named Architecture Photographer of the Year by the International Photography Awards (IPA)

He has accumulated several other prestigious awards from Moscow International Foto Award (MIFA), Prix de la Photographie, Association of Photographers (AOP), Communication Arts Photography, and Photo District News (PDN)

Steffen’s latest exhibition was in the 2017 BFF Photoweeks in Stuttgart, Germany.


Past exhibitions include:

2014 Off the Clock American Photographic Artists curated exhibition of the story “Don’t Call Me Dolly Anymore” in LA, the 2010-11traveling exhibition of the AOP Red Dot Award in the UK

Also  various exhibitions of Steffen’s social projects in Cairo, Afghanistan, and Columbia.


His clients include: Audi, Fed Ex, GQ Magazine, The Economist, Homag, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Schmelzle & Partner Architects, Seat, Solid Bikes, Stihl, Subaru, Toyota, and VW Magazine.

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