Serial Cut™ motion

Serial Cut is a Madrid based  studio specialized in art direction for advertising. Is internationally recognized for its sets, typographical juggling and an organic use of 3D.

The genuine style of Serial Cut combines pop culture with a certain surrealism. Gives rise to iconic images that always elicts a more detailed second reading.

The studio is made up of art directors, 3D artists and photographers who contribute to the creation of detailed images. Whether digital or tactile, which require a laborious process.


Serial Cut has gone through a phase of graphic globalization working for international clients such as:

Adobe, Nike, Converse, Diesel, Toyota, IKEA, Fenty, MTV, Honda, Sonos, Lego, Ford, Vodafone, HSBC, Playstation, IBM, Absolut, LG , Puma, WIRED, Ray-Ban, Facebook and Samsung … among others.

In 2012 the Serial Cut published “ExtraBold” that combined the works with augmented reality. The studio has been invited to speak at top international design festivals, throughout the years.

In 2019 it will be 20 years since Sergio del Puerto created the studio in 1999 and for this he will publish a new book, “SC99” and a short-film.This is tribute to the studio and the main characteristics that have positioned Serial Cut ™  as a studio of reference within the international design industry.

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