Pangur Animation Studio

Pangur Animation is a stop motion animation studio, was created in 2015 and it has done services for well-known brands such as: Hasbro, Warner, SYFY, Nestle, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, Twitter, Green Mountain Energy, Earth’s Own or Tongal, and a wide kids production in YouTube. We worked at the Netflix tv series ‘Guardians of Justice’ where we were on charge of the stop motion animation. It has produced several short films such as: ‘Feardom’ (2017, Pablo Muñoz), and ‘Idle’ (2018, Pablo Muñoz); ‘The Inner Life’ (2021, Pablo Muñoz and Vicente Mallols) and ‘Becarias’ (Interns, currently in postproduction Marina Donderis, Núria Poveda and Marina Cortón)

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