NSN999 is Michelangelo Marra, an Italian street artist based in Madrid. Michelangelo Marra was born in  Naples in 1997 and grew up passionate about hip-hop culture. With his cousin he create his first graffiti and they baptized themselves with the name NSN999. In 2001 he starts his studies in illustration and graphic design and studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. In 2013 he moves to Spain and after several years and various experiences NSN997 is reborn in Madrid with the constant desire to do more and more. Throughout these years, NSN997 has carried out participatory works and workshops in schools and public events.

POSITIVE PATTERN is the main series of works made by NSN997 in recent years: A personal project based on figurative patterns that represent a positive and cohesive society. In addition these patterns have also been developed in a participatory way, using methods such as the AVATAR KIT.
Collaboration, togetherness and encounter are the focus of his studies. Black and white figures that meet, exchange symbols and elements, greet and embrace each other. Black and white, present in all of NSN997’s art works, represent opposites. And the golden yellow color wants to highlight the value and beauty of sharing, mixing and meeting.

Michelangelo takes care of his family, cooks and performs other domestic tasks. The rest of his time is spent drawing representations of society as plurality. He mainly strives to transfer these drawings to walls, as he believes that street art has an intrinsic value as a form of public art.
His works can be found in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.


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