Nachei motion

Nachei was born on June 29, 1988 in the province of Ourense (Galicia). At the early age of 11 he began to paint graffiti.

His interest in the treatment of color and shapes accompanies him since childhood.

After finishing his studies in industrial and graphic design, in 2012 Nachei decided to move to Madrid. He specialized in 3D and motion graphics. During these years, Nachei worked for several companies specializing in the field of TV such as AXN and Serena Digital.

He carried out work for clients such as Nike and Sephora. In 2018 he decided to set up his own studio specialized in Art Direction and Motion Graphics.

Nachei loves: breakfast on the terrace, the sea, Galicia, his cat Mochi, Vangelis, sweets, sports, Enter the Void, the smell of dampness, the rain (8 hours maximum), barbecues on the terrace, Akira , Glenn Brown, falling asleep watching the same movie 100 times and never getting to see the end, the leds, Moebius, the clouds, 4:20, the clouds at 4:20, The Milds (the idols of his adolescence LOL), graphic design, Caravaggio, sunbathing, Jack Kerouac, biking, Antwon, the Coens, adventures, visiting friends, driving while listening to music, the Royal Cantonese (restaurant in Madrid), the thermal baths of Ourense, Erik Urano & Zar 1, Stanley Kubrick and the scallops my grandmother prepares.

In 2015 he made a video clip with Felipe Pantone of the track Run Away. He collaborated with the two-time Grammy nominated singer Anderson Paak.


He has received the awards FASHION-BEAUTY SILVER CLIO, 2016 ONE SHOW DESIGN AWARD and THE MERIT AWARDS FINALIST & Honorees WEBBY for his participation in a piece of facial video mapping for Sephora and in collaboration with the Wildbytes studio.


Nachei has worked for clients such as AXN, Nike, McDonald’s, Sephora, Banco Santander, FOX, Serena Digital, Coca Cola, DGT, Mapfre, Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, IKEA, Victoria, Movistar, Huawei, etc.

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