Max-o-matic (Máximo Tuja) was born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He studied Communication at the University of Buenos Aires. Later he moved to Barcelona to start collaborating on design and illustration projects.

Max-o-matic was born as a project in 2003 to give way to personal projects that soon ended up becoming professional ones as well. His specialty is the collage in both analog and digital formats.

Because of this Máximo spends most of  his life cutting and pasting.  In short, deconstructing and rebuilding is definitely his favorite thing.

Influenced by Dada, Punk and Situationism, Max began with collages as an intuitive and free way to illustrate the fanzines he produced in the mid-90s. But this was only the beginning of something that became a sort of obsession. In these more than 20 years he has come to revolutionize the technique of collage creating.

An expressive and very personal language with a contemporary air that takes him away from the clichés of the classic cut-and-paste.

Mixing photographic images, illustrations, different styles and eras in a single composition is one of his greatest virtues. Through processing history, Max-o-matic creates new imaginary worlds from pieces of the past.

In addition to his commercial work, Max-o-matic is editor and curator on The Weird Show. A platform he directs dedicated to the development and global diffusion of the contemporary collage through exhibitions and on-line and off-line publishing. He has organized and curated exhibitions in New York, London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Trondheim, Rotterdam amongst other cities.


Max-o-matic has also exhibited his work in galleries in: Barcelona, ​​London, New York, Madrid, Tokyo, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Rome, Lima and Mexico City, among other cities.


He has collaborated with brands such as :

Nike, Wired magazine, New York Times, Electronic Arts, Telefonica, IBM and Universal Pictures in commercial and editorial projects.

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