Marta Zafra

Marta Zafra is an illustrator with a background in Fine Arts who has found in drawing a fundamental means to expressing her ideas and feelings, her vision of life.

In Marta’s work, the accuracy of detail, the precision and cleanliness of the fine delicate line, is key. In her compositions, each of the elements represented is in particular balance with the rest, none are placed at random. All are the result of deep and concentrated observation. Marta selects only the relevant and leaves the rest of the composition space empty of information. Always achieving the protagonism of the subject portrayed.

Marta loves taking the risk of doing something new, of experimenting and exploring other ways of doing things. She has the particular skill of taking each new technique or subject to her personal terrain.

The work of Marta Zafra is inspired by the everyday, her environment, family, friends, philosophy, astrology, nature.

Her favorite subjects are those that respond to life as a concept, portraits of animals, plants, people, and stones.

Marta is an enthusiast of pencil and charcoal, clean and direct information and the beauty of harmony.

Marta Zafra began her career as an illustrator in 2005 after graduating in Fine Arts (Granada) and studying illustration at EINA (Barcelona). Her dossier was rejected in editorials because it did not fit with more traditional styles of illustration. Then she immediately met with art directors and designers interested in his work.


Since then Marta has collaborated with prestigious agencies and design studios and worked for clients as varied as:

La Vanguardia, El Mundo, WCN, BBC, Men’s health, ELLE, VIPS, ING, La Casa Encendida, woman’ secret, Volkswagen, Acciona , Temptations, Planet, Festpiele magazine, Virgin magazin, Dolina beer, Jai Alai, City of Sydney, Barcelona City Council, The Laboratory, Hazel, Banyan Tree Company, Platek, Pépé, Eltern magazine, El Terrat, San Miguel, Dewards, Star Damm, Adolfo Dominguez, …

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