Mariano Herrera

Mariano Herrera was born in Buenos Aires and lives in Barcelona since 1997.

He has been taking photos since he was eleven years old. That time his mother lent him a Mamiya Auto-Lux 35 in order to photograph the Iguazu Falls. He is currently working digitally in medium and large format film, interchangeably.

In 2014 he followed Rafa Nadal for the Banc Sabadell’s global campaign with a Hasselblad camera. His two assistants developed all the black and white negatives in the bathrooms of the hotels where they stayed.

Mariano Herrera is a specialist in the tracking of celebrities, documenting everything that revolves around them. He reconstructsthe universe of the individuals to whom he has dedicated himself to observing with his camera.

In this way he carried out the campaign of the Socialist Party in Catalonia documenting the day to day of the candidate Carmen Chacón. She was then the Minister of Defense in Spain.

He has done the same with Jordi Hereu when he was mayor of Barcelona. And also with the Basque chef Bittor Arginzoniz from the Asador Etxebarri.


Together they made a book published by the Editorial Planeta in 2017. Now they are preparing to make a documentary film about the universe that surrounds Etxebarri.

This chef holds the sixth on the prestigious list of “The World’s Fifty Best Restaurants”.

With that same publishing house he has published his favorite book “Xemei: Venetian Cuisine” where he documented the life of the Colombos, the most famous twin brothers of southern Europe.

Some times he is making books he works for the British magazine Monocle. With this magazine he has collaborated for ten years photographing people, cities, beaches and during the last few years

Also he is doing the fashion pages of Monocle itself as well as the summer magazines The Escapist and Forecast.

Mariano Herrera travels a lot and when he does he misses his children Manuela and Valentino.

Last August, following Scott Keyes, founder of, he traveled around the world in just one week.

The result was the worldwide campaign for the Dockers trousers brand.

Later he would do the same with the young talent from Los Angeles: Zach King.


In the last five years he has been responsible for almost all the graphic campaigns of Banc Sabadell. Together with other brands such as San Miguel, BBVA, Codorniu, Kymco, Sofia Hotel, Ajuntament de Barcelona.


The list of the media in which he has published ranges. Monocle, Esquire, El País Semanal, Port, Rolling Stone, Kinfolk, RAR, to Clarín.

He is also preparing two editorial projects.

One on the city of Florence in Italy and another on a trip across the Uruguay River, pursuing the legacy of Eric Pixton. In 1932 he took on the same adventure and published a mythical book documenting both banks of the river.

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