Lázaro is a creative studio focused on directing and developing audiovisual projects.

The impressive careers of both of the creatives in this duo, inspire them to play and experiment with a wide variety of artistic processes in multiple formats. Their objective is to create a unique voice for each project that distinguishes it and allows the exploration of the maximum potential that each brand has on a communication level. The work with a specific goal in mind, that the brands become a via for communication in and of itself.

Lázaro has created projects, both local and global, for agencies, direct clients, and institutions.  Collaborating with photographers,   technicians and artistas within different disciplines over 15 years of experience has allowed them to gain the required knowledge of multiple processes to create flexible projects that easily adapt to the various channels of communication…television, live action and social media.

Over the years this duo from Barcelona has worked with clients such as Audi, SEAT, Banc de Sabadell, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Brompton, Philipe Stark as well as for a large number of agencies. They have accumulated both experience and a great desire to continuing to experiment within the media.

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