Lawerta was born in Valencia in 1983. As a very young boy he began to devour colored pencils. He, also illustrated the Christmas card for his nursery school at the age of five years.  At ten, during a soujourn in the United States, he illustrated the school’s yearbook.

Over the years he has had the imperative need to find a stable job and a fixed salary.  Thus, he exchanged the pencils and paper for the mouse and the Illustrator program. He spent four years he working in agencies such as Culdesac ™ (VLC) and GlobalWorks (NYC). But, soon, he discovers that this is not his realm.

Later in 2011, he decides to place focus on his true vocation. This is why he moved away from the world of branding, claims and presentations. After four years working between Valencia and New York he decides to start his career as an illustrator. He travels to one of his favorite cities: Buenos Aires. He find himself there without a job and without a portfolio.

However he starts generating work and finds Buenos Aires a great source of inspiration.

For example, a project on the city´s different neighborhoods. In addition to another on the country´s soccer teams .

Consequently this granted him the opportunity to embark on his first two illustration projects. Firstly the cover for the El País supplement “EP3 Temptations”. Secondly, a poster for the American sports channel ESPN. After that, he begins to work for various Spanish and international clients.

With a simple yet colorful style, using a concise color palette and a straight forward style Jorge Lawerta seeks to transmit the maximum with the minimum.

His work has always been linked to topics such as soccer, music, Buenos Aires … 

On the other hand  we find his personal work. He has held 2 individual exhibitions.

Jorge Lawerta has worked with clients such as:

 Berluti, Estrella Damm, FIFA, Mahou, Nautalia, Citadelle, Miller Lite, La Quiniela … among many others.

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