Juan Díaz-Faes

Juan Díaz-Faes was born in 1982 in Oviedo. Then he studied at the School of Arts and Crafts after having completed a degree in Fine Arts in Salamanca. In 2005 he decided to move to Madrid to course a doctorate degree in Applied Creativity at the Complutense University.

Meanwhile, he rediscovers the good habit of sketching. In 2009 he began to publish in various renowned magazines such as Yorokobu and Ling. At first publishing was just a hobby, yet a few years later Juan was able to pay the rent and for rice thanks to his publishing. Thus he decided to quit his day job at the time (as a cameraman) and dedicate himself full-time to the art world. You see, Juan Diaz-Faes does not just sketch, he also paints, sculpts, carves wood, does ceramics, and creates pattern repeats…well yes, all related to sketching and its applications.

In 2013, he receives a commission to create a pattern repeat and here he discovers a new path to follow. Faes gets hooked on this new option and pattern repeats become an integral part of his identity as an artist. He begins to use them in most of his projects.

His stumbled-upon passion for pattern repeats leads him to a new venture: giving workshops on how to create pattern repeats. This newfound love also introduces Faes to graphic design for textiles.

It is clear in Juan Díaz-Faes work that in 2018 he has adventured further into the more artistic territories of illustration, focusing on more personal projects where the brief is not as important as the end product. Diaz- Faes draw, eat and laugh equally and if he stop doing things, he gets bored.


Juan Díaz-Faes has worked on a large number of hihg profile projects for various companies, such as Nickelodeon, Vueling, Coca-cola, Mahou, Repsol, GQ, Vicks, Yorokobu, El País, Harvard University, Ford, HP, Loreal, Lizarrán and Bombay Sapphire amoungst others.

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