Jalcalara is Juan Alcalá Lara (Ronda, Málaga. 1984). Before moving to Granada to study architecture, he spent the 90´s amongst Wally books, Mattel toys, Beatles´ songs or spending the afternoon drawing.

Upon finishing his university studies, Jalcalara completed his formation as an architect and designer under the sky and light of the city of Valencia, where he currently resides. Which is where he also began to combine his knowledge of architecture with his work as an illustrator.

In 2019, after a stint with a strategic design consultancy, he decides to dedicate himself to illustrating. This has become his form of creative expression, adding value to a wide range of brands, working with companies like Alfa Romeo, Porcelanosa, Enrique Mendoza and The Red Cross, among others. He collaborated with a variety of cultural and sports publications such as   El País, American Classics and Manuel de Uso Cultural.

His first exhibit, Doce coma nueve pulgadas came about, in the only way it could, between comic books and novels at the Bangarang book shop in Valencia, highlighting his passion for sketching and the clear line French-Belgium.

Jalcalara’s creations are generated in a crossroads of elements, anywhere from architecture, everyday life and popular culture; European comic books from the second half of the 20th century, his vinyl collection or Wes Anderson films. Currently, he continues to delve into illustration as a means of graphic expression and creative exploitation, carrying out new personal projects and adding value to new emerging brands while continuing to read the New Yorker every week.

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