Inés Maestre

Inés Maestre (Madrid 1992) is a digital painter and illustrator. She currently resides and works in between London and Madrid. Inés studies in pattern design, fashion design and creative direction at IED in Madrid. Solwly, she got experience working for different brands such as Pull & Bear, Mira Mikati and Andrea Crews. As a designer, she creates an alliance between design, illustration and fashion that is clearly reflected in her work.

Much of her training and work experience is focused on the field of design. Considering this, Inés sometimes applies tools to her projects in a creative process where she mixes collages with new ones. Inés, usually, finishes her pieces using digital tools. She considers this the way of adapting her style to current trends where everything is much faster and perishable.

Maestre’s work revolves around the portrait, creating scenes and interpreting situations where there is a human presence that intervenes with the surrounding space. Often this union results in scenes that generate unanswered questions about what is happening.


Always combining her commercial work with her personal pieces, Inés Maestre has held several individual and collective exhibitions and is currently working with galleries in Madrid. Highlighting the inescapable passage of time, post-adolescent youth and the generalized alienation of our society as a common starting point in her personal projects.


To date Inés Maestre has worked on illustration and creative direction projects with brands and publications such as: AD, Architecture and Design, Citroen, Elle, El País, Esquire, Harper’s Bazar,, ID, La Vanguardia, Les Inrocks, L’O ffi ciel Hommes, L’O ffi ciel Russia, Metal Magazine, Mira Mikati, Pull & Bear, Smoda, Tapas, Free Ink, Uterqüe, Vanity Fair, Vein magazine, VICE, Vogue Spain, Vogue Poland, Vogue Russia, Zara.

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