El dios de los tres

Javier Navarro Romero, aka El dios de los tres, is a sauvage, multidisciplinary creator, tightrope walker and artista on the dance floor. He has been chasing his dreams for quite a while now. Born in Almería, Andalucía, with all that it implies. Very soon, he flies off far away. He has spun like a top around half of the world, there´s is still much left…one of his passions is traveling, even more so if it is for a project he is working on. This is how he has been living, studying and working in cities such as Athens, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, London and Valencia.

He is game for everything. From painting a giant mural, to a t-shirt collection, he may illustrate a record cover, decorate a venue, or create and ad campaign. Above all he may sell you sand in the desert. Full of color and fantasy, of course! This artist waves the flag of “be yourself” and believes in fighting for that which makes one unique.

He is passionate about tattoos, books on natural science, five and dimes, nature and the artificial. He adores animals, he has been drawing them since he was a child. He also loves everything that shines. He enjoys living life intensely with all its lights and shadows, being both Mediterranean and Capricorn to the core. He is a people person and a trickster, blue eyed and a boyish face, let´s say the guy is not at all bad.

This is how El dios de los tres has worked and collaborated on projects for Levi´s, The Hole Show, La Tapiceria, Ornamante, Algora and The Adams Family the Musical. His work has been exhibited in galleries in numerous cities with exotic names. So many that he does not remember their names.

Welcome to El dios de los tres´ kindgdom in the sky.

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