David de Ramón

David de Ramón is a highly talented Illustrator based in Madrid. His early interest for drawing and illustration brought him to different studies, first different disciplines, such as design, drawing, painting…, then he found his place studying painting in a more traditional background. His interest for learning and stimulating his imagination and possibilities is never-ending: for years he has saved part of his income for regularly buying illustration books.

Although David de Ramón always starts with hand-drawing as part of the creative process, the final work is developed in his computer with impressive results. His executions have this retro touch that make them very attractive and define David de Ramón as a contemporary classical illustrator. His painting roots become obvious in his style, both in composition and in the thorough use of colours.

Just as he would not use the colors directly from the acrylic tube, he does not use the digital color either. His colors are formed after continuous brushstrokes with little opacity. Thanks to all layers of different colours he achieves tones that seem “alive”.

As for the compositions, he always makes it easy for the viewer by guiding their eyes: strong and structured, very similar to the poster language that immediately connects with the main idea.

He always works with a very large canvas, so that the larger pieces are reproduced very well. That’s why his illustrations work perfectly for big size murals

In David de Ramón´s own opinión, his great success consists in having managed to turn his passion into his way of making a living.



Siete Leguas, The Boston Globe, Invest Dubai, REP magazine, QUO, El País, FOCUS Magazine, Training & Development Digest, El Economista, La Revista, GQ, Martini, Lufthansa, American Express, Migros Bank, Bankia, El Corte Inglés, Volkswagen, Fiat, Fund Grube, DYC, Eroski, Aena, Mahou, ONCE, Da Nicola Restaurant, Canal +, among others.

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