Andrea Devia-Nuño

Andrea Devia-Nuño is an illustrator and graphic artist currently based in Madrid. She was born in Colombia, was raised in Bolivia and studied in Argentina. She graduated in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires in 2012, she began her professional career in animation that same year.

Her dynamic spirit, allowed her to find a way to enrich her creative universe through freelance work, in which she could play with a variety of formats and media. In her personal projects she experimented with ceramics, engravings and painting to materialise her digital logic.

Her style is geometric, vectorial y vibrant. Her characters are plastic and oscílate between sensuality and hypnotic abstraction.   She has a fun-loving slant and celebrates the feminine aspect in all of her characters with their scintillating, creamy curves. Impossible positions, flaming hair and intense color palettes turn her work into a fascinating universe.

Andrea Devia-Nuño describes her process as a game in which she designs her illustrations as if it were a colourful, fascinating puzzle.

Influenced by architectural photography and 60s geometric art, she likes to play with synthetic and abstract elements as the launching pad for her set designs. She gets excited when she thinks that reality already exists and instead of repeating it, her illustrations becomes a catapult to infinite possibilities.

Without a doubt, she is an energetic morning person and is excited to participate in positive and challenging projects that create mutual growth.

Andrea Devia-Nuño has participated in projects for Hyatt Hotels, McDonald’s, Google, Human Rights Watch, Cannes Lions, Editorial Dobra Robota, among many others.

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