Ana Jarén

Ana Jarén (Sevilla, 1985) began her professional career in the fashion communication sector, in Madrid, where she is currently based. Being surrounded by designers, stylists and magazines ignited her most creative facet and she began here work as an illustrator.

With time, illustration became her way of life, her professional focus. She spent various years living in the UK and Belgium, incorporating all of the stimuli that these countries provided for her and shaped her style.

In her work, Ana captures the beauty of life, people and daily scenes, and revelling in and embellishing small details. Many of the protagonists in her work are popular cultural icons, in domestic scenes with products of daily consumption.

The world of feelings and emotions occupy a preferencial place en her work, introducing characters in evocative contexts to be completed by the spectator.

Ana Jarén works fundamentally manually, mixing techniques with markers, pencils or acrylics and she enjoys all of them as much as she did as a child.  Her preferred medium is paper, although her work is also found in murals and other formats.

Ana has also has the opportunity to illustrate for nacional and internacional publications such as Vogue, The Washington Post (US), Glamour, Vanidad, Stylist (UK), Goed Gevoel (BEL), Maxi (DEU), Marie Claire, among many others.

She is the author of the book Amigas (Lunwerg, 2020) and has illustrated numerous covers and books for publishing houses such as Penguin Random House (US), Tinta Blanca, Planeta, Simon&Schuster (US), Destino, Alfaguara, Little Island (IE) among others.

She has illustrated products for brands like Coordonné, La Cartuja de Sevilla, SKFK and La Condesa among others.

Ana Jarén has also collaborated in advertising campaigns for brands such as Bombay Sapphire, Heineken, TCL, Footlooker, Springfield, FNAC, Cruzcampo and many more.

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