Amaia Arrazola

Amaia Arrazola was born in the Basque Country in 1984. She studied Advertising and Public Relations in Madrid at the Universidad Pública de la Complutense. Upon finishing she enters the world of advertising creativity in Mccann Erickson. There, she works as junior art director for three years. But she realizes that being in an office all day is not her thing, so she flies to Barcelona and embarks on a new life.

Amaia arrives in Barcelona in 2010 ready to start a career as a professional illustrator. So she sets up a coworking space with other illustrator friends. Little by little begins to develop creative projects, alternating advertising with new found passions such as editorial illustration and large format murals.

 In this space she draws and reflects on what she wants to be when she grows up. She loves the spontaneous, the quick, fresh under used ideas and looking at things upside down.

Throughout these years she has learned a lot, besides publishing several books such as “Wabi Sabi: un mes en Japón”, “El Futuro es Femenino “and” Pequeña y Grande: Audrey Hepburn “. She has traveled as often as she could and left her mark on murals everywhere.

Clients: Vueling´s Ling magazine, Coca Cola, Movistar, Nike, Nobel, the University of Barcelona, ​​Mahou, Franke, and Uniqlo, among others.

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