Alan Berry Rhys

Alan Berry Rhys is an Argentinian graphic artist and illustrator. He lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was born.

He studied Graphic Design at the Arquitecture, Desgin and Urban Planning Department where he later taught during 8 years.

His work is characterised by advertising and graphic traits. Where typography and images share the protagonism. Alan is accustomed to using bright, garish colors.

Alan Berry Rhys is strongly influenced by street graphics, artisanal products and bastard advertising. He feels a deep attraction for errors and the technical limitations of low quality printing. Registry errors, flat colors and low quality ink can be found throughout his work.

His personal project, Carnada Viva, is based on his experience and fascination for the fishing and culture of the Argentinian Littoral. A paradisical view of a subtropical river ladden with local history and culture.  The local products, the tropical music, the fishing stories, the characters and landscapes are lodged in a universe of bright colors and messy textures.  Alan adapts them through his fresh perspective full of nostalgia and humor.

His work has been exhibited in a variety of individual and collective shows around the world. Alan has had indivivual exhibitions in London (UK), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago de Chile (Chile), San Francisco, California (USA), Portland, Oregon (USA). He has also participated in collective exhibits in Berlin (Germany) and Paris (France).

Alan Berry Rhys also has extensive experience working with and for brands. He has worked with brands such as Jonnie Blonde by Jonnie Walker, Warner Bros, Disney, Penny Skate Boards, Washington, Post, Havanna Club, KFC, Hurley, 7up, Nissan, Tumbs, Brew Dog, Jack Daniel´s, Miller Lite, Vans, Cerveza Pacifico, World Surf League, Nike, Neston, Nescau, Salus Yerba Mate, Cinzano, Gravedad Zero, Puma.

He has also worked for various artists in the music industry, creating record coves, posters and animated videos for artists like Dread Mar I,l Kawala, Yanga, Muthi.

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